The R.B. Homes Team

R.B. Homes has a staff of 3, all whom contribute to the continuing excellence and success of the company.

Roman Barsky - Founder

Roman Barsky - Founder

Roman Barsky, the company's founder, has been a premier home builder for the past past twenty-five years, with well over 60 custom-built houses in his portfolio. His vision, intuitive sense for the land parcel potentials, European taste and experience dealing with bankers, engineers, attorneys, surveyors, appraisers and local and state inspectors have enhanced numerous affluent areas of New Jersey, including Princeton and North and Southern New Jersey communities.

Roman's passion for and knowledge of the building business is translated into very well-built, beautifully crafted and charmingly landscaped dwellings. He works seven days a week, taking direct responsibility for the on-time and on-budget delivery of every job, overseeing the progress of each project from A to Z and personally handling challenging and difficult situations.

Monika Wilimiczyk

Monika Wilimczyk - Office Manager

Monika is the R.B. Homes office manager since 2007. Always available during the work hours, she is the liaison for the rest of the R.B. Homes staff and customers. Monika attends to customer needs, makes it easy and convenient to correspond with any staff member of R.B. Homes and contributes to R.B. Homes' impeccable reputation regarding customer satisfaction.

Daniel Barsky

Daniel Barsky - Assistant Manager

Daniel Barsky, Roman's son, has been with the company since 2009. As a graduate of Bryant University, Daniel uses his educational background in finance and business to handle all dealings and transactions with the banks. He is also now in charge of handling the land acquisitions on behalf of R.B. Homes and arranging for financing those properties through the banks. In addition, Daniel deals with former and new customers on a daily basis, attends to any and all of their needs and helps in the office and on the job sites.

"Our home is truly a one of a kind and the experience working with Roman was unparalleled."

- Thomas Spiegel

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